Women and Surrealism


Women and Surrealism


The voices of feminism in the surrealist movement


Emma Fleming

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Androgyny, Interview with Meret Oppenheim
The author and Oppenheim discuss her views on the role of dreams and women in the Surrealist movement.

Surréalisme et Sexualité by Xavière Gauthier
Influenced by SImone de Beauvoir, Gauthier analyses how the female body is used as a muse and as an erotic image in surrealist art.

Pere Ubu
"The Surrealist artist Dora Maar is better known as Picasso's dark-haired model and companion in the late 1930s than for her astonishing works. Her incarnation of the bestial nature of man is titled after the infamous and absurd dictatorial antihero…

Cover Illustration for Harper's Bazaar by Leonor Fini
Example of the collaboration between the surrealists and fashion More examples can be found in this article by Vogue.

Night Work is about to Commence by Emmy Bridgwater
Painting by British, female surrealist Emmy Bridgwater

Photograph of "Le Festin" or "Cannibal Feast" by Meret Oppenheim
Oppenheim used a female model's nude body as a table to serve a meal at the 1959 International Surrealist Exposition.

Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate. One Second before Awakening<br /><br />
By Salvador Dali
Example of typical portrayals of idealized women by male surrealists.
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