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Giaconda 1953.jpg
Maybe you can guess, but the instant I saw this image, I thought of George Orwell's Coming Up for Air. While Orwell's novel actually came first, this painting shows the mundane life that George, the protagonist, was speaking of. The men in bowler…

Of the novels we read from the 20th Century in Europe, the most surrealist of them was Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. This painting of Magritte's reminded me of the book because of how fragmented an identity can become. First, Annette is a piece of…

This painting by Magritte, who is one of the most well-known and influential surrealists, deals with body image and identity. As we are connecting novels to higher art forms, this particular piece made me think of Orlando by Virginia Woolf. One…

Androgeny, Interview with Meret Oppenheim.pdf
The author and Oppenheim discuss her views on the role of dreams and women in the Surrealist movement.

dream caused by the . . . Dali.jpg
Example of typical portrayals of idealized women by male surrealists.

Like most other items in this collection, Dali's painting deals with the idea of identity and body. Dali leaves out bodies completely from this composition, which forces us to look at what makes identity that surrounds us. This can be directly…

Omeak Projects_A Timeline of Literary Periods.docx
This writen manifesto gave a light definition and goal to the philosophical idea of surrealism.

The manifesto tries to explain the need for surrealism and why it has become (again) a way of thinking.

Andre Breton wanted to give a purpose to…

gauthier cover.jpg
Influenced by SImone de Beauvoir, Gauthier analyses how the female body is used as a muse and as an erotic image in surrealist art.
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