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This is a film written by Salvador Dali, a Catalan surrealist. I'm not going to attempt to explain what is going on in the film, as surrealism is left open to interpretation intentionally. To continue the theme here, though, this film relates to many…

What a wonderland
"17 Adaptations Of "Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland" Through The Years" is a reflective view of the many ways that Lewis Carroll's original novel has been adapted to film and movies over the last

fini, harper's bazaar.jpg
Example of the collaboration between the surrealists and fashion More examples can be found in this article by Vogue.

Henry Reed is a poet with whom the Birmingham Surrealists associated. He's best known for the series he wrote Lessons of War, but most specifically for Part 1: "Naming of Parts." "Naming of Parts" is an excellent link between surrealism as an art…

Bridwater, Nighwork is about to commence.jpg
Painting by British, female surrealist Emmy Bridgwater

Pere Ubu, Dora Maar.jpg
"The Surrealist artist Dora Maar is better known as Picasso's dark-haired model and companion in the late 1930s than for her astonishing works. Her incarnation of the bestial nature of man is titled after the infamous and absurd dictatorial antihero…

This poem by André Breton disects the female body and compares the parts to very non-bodylike things. This made me think of Breton's speaker as someone who objectifies the woman he is with, much like Rochester does to Annette in Wide Sargasso Sea.…
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