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fini, harper's bazaar.jpg
Example of the collaboration between the surrealists and fashion More examples can be found in this article by Vogue.

Bridwater, Nighwork is about to commence.jpg
Painting by British, female surrealist Emmy Bridgwater

This poem by André Breton disects the female body and compares the parts to very non-bodylike things. This made me think of Breton's speaker as someone who objectifies the woman he is with, much like Rochester does to Annette in Wide Sargasso Sea.…

le festin, oppenheim.jpg
Oppenheim used a female model's nude body as a table to serve a meal at the 1959 International Surrealist Exposition.

dream caused by the . . . Dali.jpg
Example of typical portrayals of idealized women by male surrealists.

Like most other items in this collection, Dali's painting deals with the idea of identity and body. Dali leaves out bodies completely from this composition, which forces us to look at what makes identity that surrounds us. This can be directly…

I have chosen to include the words of Duchamp here because I believe that they reveal a truth about both surrealism and the works that are classified as such. There isn't a book we read in this class that didn't have something to do with the mind,…
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