Is there a connection?

What a wonderland


Is there a connection?


Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in wonderland was a work that might have eaisly slipped into the cultural movement of surrealism if not way ahead of his time.  The dream state created, to reflect the political times, fits the understanding of what the cultural movement was about.  Carroll's imaginary land could not be viewed for it's importance in its time because of the political environment.  It would have been a hit during the Surrealist cultural movement because Carroll would have been allowed to present this idea with a different understanding.

Jean Rhys has also created a work that falls after the the Surrealist movement.  Wide Sargasso Sea hold many of the same characteristics of Carroll's childrens novel.  When placing the novels story line into a side by side viewing many similarities can be detected in the use of colors, the characters constant feeling of being in a dream state, the reflective nature of the political turmoil and social roles of individuals with in the story. 


"17 Adaptations Of "Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland" Through The Years" is a reflective view of the many ways that Lewis Carroll's original novel has been adapted to film and movies over the last


Louis Peitzman


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Posted October 10th, 2013


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